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Centers For Child Care, Your Preschooler, And The Lesser-Known Benefits Of An Early Education

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What will your preschool-aged child learn in a day care center program? Centers for child care can help three- to five-year-olds grow across all the developmental domains—social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. If your preschooler is ready to start day care, take a look at some of the lesser-known (but equally as important) benefits.

Their Artistic Development

Your child is creative, imaginative, and dramatic. Even though it seems like your preschooler is already artistically inclined, you may not be sure how to foster this type of development. The arts can help preschoolers to build motor skills, problem-solving abilities, cultural awareness, and more. Along with these benefits, your child may also build critical language skills, develop self-awareness, and grow emotionally through visual and performing arts activities in day care. 

The Ability to Share

Is your preschooler an only child? If your child doesn't have anyone to share with, they may not learn this skill until they start school. While you can practice sharing at home with your child, a parent-preschooler role play turn-taking game may not have the same impact as the real thing. 

The social setting of a day care center gives your child the chance to navigate interpersonal relationships. Not only will your preschooler make their first friends, but they'll also learn how to take turns/wait for their turn and share everything from their teacher's attention to toys in the classroom.

A Regular Routine

Does your preschooler need a regular schedule? Day care provides the routine your child may need right now. A schedule can help your child to learn about time, sequence events, and develop predictable patterns. To learn more about the specific schedule in your preschooler's child care classroom, ask the teacher. The early childhood educator may have a printable daily schedule or can give you a verbal play-by-play.

The Ability to Act Independently

As your child grows, they'll start to develop into their own person. This type of development requires your preschooler to act independently. It's not always easy for a young child to feel independent if mom, dad, brother, sister, or another family member is standing by their side. 

The child care environment provides a setting away from you and the rest of the family. While your child will miss you (and everyone else at home) during day care school hours, they will also get the opportunity to become their own person and build basic self-reliance skills. Contact a child care center like ABQ Childcare to learn more.