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Nanny Certification Can Help You Turn Babysitting Into A Career

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Have you been doing some babysitting as a side hustle or part-time job and you like it enough that you are looking to take on a client on a more long-term basis? Plenty of families today are looking for nannies to assist with child care. If this is something you are thinking about, here's why it might be a good idea to look into nanny certification training

Learn Best Practices 

You've probably picked up on the best way to handle certain situations while providing part-time child care but getting certified as a nanny can help you learn best practices from experts in the field. You'll know more about everything from providing your kids with proper nutrition to keeping them safe. You'll be able to provide an overall higher quality of care than you do now thanks to your nanny training.

Stand Out on Applications

Deciding to let another person take care of your children is a big decision for any parent. If you want to get a job as a nanny, you are going to have to be the clear best choice the parent has available. Being able to show a resume with not just references but also an official certification may allow you to stand out from the crowd. That line on your resume can serve as an opener or opportunity for you to tell the parent about your training and about how you know all of those best practices that were just discussed.

Give Clients Peace of Mind

Hiring someone who is not just a babysitter but a certified nanny can go a long way toward giving the parents you are working for some additional peace of mind. This should make your early transition a bit more smooth because maybe the parent won't feel the need to check in as often if they believe you know what you are doing. A parent and nanny relationship is built on trust from day one and with proper certification, you'll have more of that trust currency to work with.

Boost Your Own Confidence

Impressing the parents is important but don't underestimate what nanny training will do for your own self-confidence as well. If you encounter a difficult situation, you'll be able to think back to your training where you had an opportunity to prepare for something like whatever it is you are currently facing.

Build a Network

Working on your nanny certification may put you in contact with people who are well-connected in this job space. You may be able to get a reference from your instructor when seeking your first job or your instructor might know of a family or two who could make use of your services.