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How To Stand Out As A Great Babysitter In Your Area

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Babysitting is a great way to earn extra money in your spare time, and is an excellent resource for income in addition to another job or to do while you are in school or college. Since there may be many people in your area who also babysit for spare income, you want to make sure that your services stand out. Here are ways you can do this.

Get certified in CPR and first aid

Your local community college or hospital may offer classes in CPR, which can prove beneficial to your babysitting career. You should get certified in infant and traditional CPR in addition to basic first aid. Infant CPR has different training than CPR for older children and adults, so make sure you take a class that will certify you in both. List these skills and the date you were certified on your resume when introducing yourself as a qualified babysitter in your area. Clients will feel confident in your skills as a safe babysitter when you take training to keep their children safe.

Become allergy aware

Some of your clients may have serious food sensitivities, such as an allergy to tree nuts or gluten sensitivity. There may be classes in your community that you can take to teach you more about serious food dangers. If not, speak to your local health care clinic provider or your own family doctor about how to handle foods and symptoms of allergic reaction and how to respond so you can list this as experience on your resume. Parents may feel more confident choosing a babysitter who understands what food sensitivities exist and how to treat symptoms.

Create a specialty

Do you make the best squash pasta on the planet? Can you make balloon animals? Do you love to show kids how to make jewelry, paint, or do ceramics? If you have any special skills that parents would enjoy knowing about for their kids' sake, don't be afraid to share them! You can quickly become known in your community as the babysitter who has special talents kids love, which can help you land more clients as time goes on.

To be a great babysitter in your area, you need to have a unique specialty and have the proper safety training to show your clients you can watch their children with confidence. Doing these things can help you be a terrific babysitter that clients will want to use again and again. Get in touch with a licensed babysitter service as well to see what advice they offer or if you can work with them.