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Nanny Or Home Day Care: A Bit Of Information To Help You Choose

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If you are in need of someone to care for your children while you go to work or attend school, looking into different day care scenarios can be daunting. You want what is going to be best for your child, but how many kids you have and finances may come into play. Before you make a decision, here are a few things to consider during the search.


You may think that having a nanny is out of the question financially. However, if you have more than one or two children, it could actually be less expensive than daycare centers. It may mean children that normally don't will have to share a bedroom to give the nanny a room, but it could be well worth it. When looking for a nanny, you can specify your requirements. It is possible to have one that is certified in early elementary education to provide the same type of learning a preschool would provide. This allows your kids to stay at home where they are comfortable. However, this means they will miss out on the socializing available with the other care options. You will need to be very specific in what you expect as far as hours worked, days off, and other household rules since the nanny will be living with you. It does not mean that you have an all-the-time baby sitter.

Home Day Care

Many parents opt for a home day care situation. You take your kids to the provider's home, not a "center." It is important that you check the licensing of the provider and the home. There are regulations as to how many children can be cared for in the home, and the house will have been inspected by the fire marshall to make sure it is safe. In addition, the provider, and all family members over 16 years old will have had a background check.  Make sure you meet everyone that lives in the home because they will be interacting with your child. As long as the provider is licensed, you may be able to receive financial aid from the state to help pay the cost of the care. Be sure to read over the contract so you understand about any fees for picking up the children late, or if you have to pay even on days you keep the children home due to illness. You should also ask what happens if the provider or his or her children are ill and cannot have your children at the home.

You want your children to be happy, healthy, and safe. When you cannot be with them, make sure they will still get the same kind of care you would provide. Do not immediately go with the first provider you find; take a bit of time, ask for references, have the children spend time with them, and then make your decision, but make note of who would be your second choice. Most importantly, remember that if things are not working out, change providers immediately. For more information about child care, visit