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Make Your Child's First Day Of Daycare Easier With This Approach

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When it's time to finally send your child to daycare so that you can head back to work, you want to be sure that this important transition goes as smoothly as possible for your little one. It's sure to be a time with a considerable amount of anxiety, both from your child and from you, so it's useful to prepare in the weeks and days ahead of this change to help your child feel as comfortable as possible. The last thing you want to experience is getting a phone call at work from the daycare administrator, telling you that your child needs to be picked up. Here are some ways that you can make the first day easier.

Read All About It

It's easy to find a number of different books geared toward children who will be starting daycare or school for the first time, so find some books at your local library and begin reading them to your child. Many of these books will share a similar message — telling the story of a child who may be a little uncertain about heading out to daycare or school for the first time on his or her own but ends up having an exciting day with the chance to meet new friends and try new things. Reading these books to your child well in advance of the first day of daycare can help him or her view this transition as positive.

Buy New Items

Picking out a new outfit for your child to wear to his or her first day of daycare can make the child more excited about this big change. Many children love the idea of new clothing, new shoes and a new hat, as well as a brand-new backpack, so getting these items in advance of the big day and letting your child wear them to "practice" in the days leading up to the first day of daycare will be helpful. When the first day arrives, your child will be eager to get into the new outfit, and hopefully feel more comfortable right off the bat.

Manage Your Own Anxiety

There's little doubt that you'll be a little anxious about this big change, but you want to stay as calm as possible to avoid having your child pick up on your anxiety. Talk to friends who have gone through the same thing, and you'll hopefully feel a little calmer. Even doing some yoga at home in the days leading up to the first day of daycare can help you feel more calm so that you aren't making your child stressed.

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