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Signs Your Child Should Stay Home From Daycare Today

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Day care is a great place to send your child when you have work and other important tasks you need to take care of. However, day care is not always the place your child should be, especially if your child is sick. Sometimes, it is difficult to know when it is okay to send your child to day  care when they are sick and when you should your child at home.

Know What Health Symptoms Are Serious

First, you need to know what symptoms are serious enough for you to not send your child to day care for the day. If your child sneezes when you are heading out the door, they are probably okay to go to day care. If your child has a rough night and is just a little tired, your child is still good to go to day care.

However, there are specific instances when it is better to keep your child home. If your child has a temperature that registered above 100 degrees, they need to be at home. If your child has an earache or a serious headache, staying home where it is quiet is best. If your kid is vomiting, has diarrhea, or has a serious rash, they could be contagious and should be at home. In some cases, if your child seems tired and fatigued and they have been getting enough sleep, their fatigue may be a sign that they are getting the flu.

If your child has mild symptoms, such as a runny nose, they are okay to go to their childcare provider. However, if they have more serious symptoms, you need to keep your child home. Your child needs a quiet environment to rest and get better in, and you don't want to put the health of the other children at the day care at risk.

Know What Your Day Care's Formal Policy Is

Second, you need to know what the day care's policy is for sick children and when they require you to keep your child home. Day cares are generally most concerned about contagious infections. Many day cares have polices where you have to keep your child home if they have a fever above a certain degree, have diarrhea, or are throwing up. They may ask you to wait to bring your child back until they have been fever-, diarrhea-, or throw-up-free for twenty-four hours to ensure your child is not contagious.

Know That Day Cares Often Have Various Policies Regarding Rashes

When in doubt if you should send your child to day care, call and talk to the day care center director and see if it is okay to bring them in. Keeping your child home when they are sick will allow your child proper time to recover and will help protect the other children at the day care from catching what your child has.

For more information, talk to day care centers in your area.